Key Activities

We innovate through updated processes in each transformation stage, from design and manufacturing with new technological
machinery and skills, to the crafting of high-end finished goods through processes of washing and dyeing

  • By integrating manufacturing, embroidery and laundry processes (all under the same roof), we increase supervision and control over the whole process; guaranteeing the desired final product.
  • Constantly seeking for new technologies, we determine an annual budget for Research & Development, performing as an updated leader in new fashion trends and sustainability.
    • Laser Machine: Advanced Laser eco-technology for fabric and garment special finishes, achieving a higher productivity, flexibility and quicker market response. Moreover, this technology contributes to green practices by saving big amounts of water, energy, and chemicals, resulting in a safer work place for our operators, and allowing a sustainable, innovative and fashionable product.
    • Washing Machines: We realize periodic investments in order to renew our equipment and keep them updated. Also strict maintenance.
    • Cutting Edge Technology Special Machines.

Key Resources

Colombian Fabric Quality: Textiles have been a traditional sector of our economy. Counting with mills with more than 100 years in the business, Colombian fabrics are recognized worldwide for top quality and versatility.


  • Colombian Workmanship Quality: As a traditional sector of our economy, we count with a highly qualified and expert human talent for all manufacturing stages.
  • Colombian Textile Cluster: We have a vast national network including suppliers for all types of trims, and fabrics that is in constant innovation
  • Strategic Networking: Strategic alliances: Agents, suppliers, customers, competition cooperation.

Commited with our local Social-Environmental Community, we embrace and comply all legal regulations and controls inherent to our practices

Social Commitment

  • We appreciate our human capital as our most valuable resource; therefore, we are oriented to make it sustainable and valid through time.
    • We recently created a formation workshop in which we train new operators from 2 local foundations.
    • Collaborative relation (symbiosis) in which they receive opportunities to grow and we retain their talent.
  • We offer our community a safe labor environment guaranteeing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • We have received and successfully achieved numerous social/legal compliances from demanding and recognized local/international customers.

Sustainable Supply Chain

  • In alliance with a local energy company, we installed solar panels in our factory’s roof to contribute as an eco-friendly company using renewable energy
  • Trustful Supply Chain: We make a selective choosing of our suppliers aligned to our organizational values and ethics.
  • Internal Process Traceability: All our processes are documented and can be traced
  • Raw Material Traceability: Our fabric suppliers have a traceability of the cotton they use in their materials, therefore we can support the good provenance of the materials (cotton).
    • We are members of Cotton USA program, prestigious entity that endorses and measures the cotton fibers used in fabrics from each mill.

Throughout experience and time, we became experts in the crafting of garment laundry (dyeing and washing); therefore adding value to each garment with high-end finishes and allowing a more flexible production.


By having our own laundry for garment dyeing and denim washes, Denim Factory SA increases control and supervision over the product by vertically integrating most of the production steps in the chain, reflected in a more asserted product matching each customer´s particular needs.

We are recognized as garment dyeing experts, standing out for the special finishes and hand-touch we give to our garments according to each brand’s needs

  • “Washed out” look (Sulfur wash)
  • Reactive look – Vintage look
  • Laser Machine Finishes

We comply with international standards to color fastness to light, wáter and dye transfer in storage supported by different laboratory tests (Intertek) requested by our customers.

We have achieved an outstanding result in garment measurements after washing, as a result of our expertise in laundry processes and fabric shrinkages.

All our chemicals and colorants come from a certified supplier that are aligned to our sustainable and green practices.

Garment Dyeing Advantages

Flexible Minimums: We can dye/wash lots of 100 units per color/wash, allowing a more accurate and risk-averse planning, shorter delivery times and a more diversified colorway.

Quick Response and Adaptation: Garment Dyeing permits a faster capability to respond to changes in a dynamic environment such as fashion is.

Customized Look: We offer our customers different finishes to their garments according to each brand´s concept.
Garment Dyeing Technique and Quality: Our garments are washed and treated with special and particular dyeing procedures that show a voluntarily aged appearance. The presence of slight imperfections and the progressive change of the fabric´s aspect are not to be considered defects, but are instead characteristics of a unique garment. Each piece is unique and any color variations are part of a natural washing process. All materials used in garments are top quality, after being dyed, the garment looks authentically vintage without altering any of the technical aspects and high quality of the manufacturing.


Lead Time Production

  • 90 days (For orders when fabric needs to be produced by mill)
  • 60 days (For orders with fabric is in stock by factory/mill)
  • 45 days (For reorders with fabric in stock by factory/mill)

Lead Time for Samples

  • Prototypes (Initial developments): 3 weeks
  • Adjusted Samples: 2 weeks
  • Salesman Samples: 2 weeks

Minimum Order Quantities

MOQ for sewing: 600 units per style
MOQ per color/wash: 100 units per color/wash

Strategic Location: We are located 15 minutes from local Cali international airport (Alfonso Bonilla Aragón) and have access to the Pacific Ocean (6 hours by land to port) and to the Atlantic Ocean (48 hours by land to port).

Global Thinking Company: Denim Factory SA is an open minded institution aligned to its purpose of being a global company, counting with its own Import and Export logistics department.

– We deliver in all Incoterms according to each customer´s requirement counting with reliable partners in the logistics networking

– More than 20 years of experience exporting to other countries

“Born Global” Company: Denim Factory SA has exported since its beginning (1996) until the actual days to countries such as USA, Italy and France (these 3 mainly), Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Holland, Costa Rica, among others. Geographical Advantages: Due to our geographical location, we have access to both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Fashion Culture: Colombia is recognized as a fashion capital worldwide. We count with 2 important international fairs/conventions called Colombiatex and Colombiamoda, made once a year in Medellín.

Procolombia Alliance: Government launched some years ago a public entity called Procolombia to stimulate and Support colombian exportations. There are offices of Procolombia all over the world searching for business possibilities, and in partnership with them, we hav constructed important business relationships.

International agreements: Colombia counts with numerous FTA (Free Trade Agreements) that stimulate exportations through bilateral free tariff agreements. We constantly make use of this agreements to export to Europe and USA.

Current FTA´s

FTA Colombia-Israel

FTA Colombia-Mexico

FTA Colombia – Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Regional Integration Agreement Andean Community
Commercial Cooperation Agreement with Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

FTA Colombia-Chile 

FTA Colombia-EFTA  

FTA Colombia-Canada 

FTA Colombia-USA


FTA Colombia-Venezuela 

FTA Colombia-Cuba 

FTA Colombia-European Union

Pacific Alliance

FTA Colombia-Costa Rica 

FTA Colombia-Corea